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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Arduino For Sale in Sri Lanka for the First Time

We lkbotics, are proud to introduce Arduino Prototyping Platform for Sri Lankan market. Arduino is a world renown Prototyping Platform which is open source and cheaper than many proprietary Prototyping Platforms.

In Sri Lanka there is a high demand for these devices but students, hobbyists and inventors have to order them via online shops such as Sparkfun, Makershed which costs them around Rs 3500/= (Makershed $34.99, Sparkfun $29.95) for Arduino UNO and around Rs 7200/= (Makershed $65.00, Sparkfun $58.95) excluding shipping and port handling costs.

But for the first time in Sri Lanka we introduce the Arduino UNO and MEGA for a reasonable price

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