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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Arduino Leonardo - The Genius is now in Sri Lanka

We lkbotics, the pioneer shop for selling Arduino in Sri Lanka are proud to present the latest member of the Arduino family. The Arduino Leonardo!!

Compared to Arduino UNO Rev 3, Leonardo has the following features;

  1. ATMega328u4 microcontroller with built in USB Communication compared to ATMega328 of UNO which eliminates the need for a second microcontroller for USB Communication.
  2. Micro USB Cable Connector for very low profile.
  3. 7 PWM (Digital to Analog Converter) Pins compared to 6 PWM Pins of UNO
  4. 12 Analog to Digital Converter Pins compared to 6 Pins of UNO
  5. 2.5 Kb Static Memory compared to 2 Kb of UNO

In Sri Lanka there is a high demand for these devices but students, hobbyists and inventors have to order them via online shops such as Sparkfun, Makershed which costs them around Rs 3400/= (Makershed $24.95, Sparkfun $24.95) for Arduino Leonardo excluding shipping and port handling costs.

But for the first time in Sri Lanka we introduce the Arduino Lenardo for a reasonable price.

For more information, visit lkbotics

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